I’m Zuzanna Rajewska, a Berlin-based designer with a background in Fine Arts, passionate and inspired by minimal and modern design. I have an eye for color, styles and trends, with focus on functionality and accessibility.

My interest in UI/UX lies in the intersection of design, technology and psychology to make great products that improve people’s lives. I’m also a budding developer (web and Android so far).

I've done some work for big brands like Microsoft and eBay, as well as renowned underground bands and venues. Projects include design of event materials, icons, banners, posters, album artwork and more.

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Skarabeos Application Design

Skarabeos designs fashionable bags with a pickpocketing and theft protection system, via mobile and watch apps—which Ox Collective were tasked to create. As part of the team, I took part in the design sprint, helping come up with the app's functionality from scratch, then creating wireframes. My visual research and moodboards set the art direction for the final app design.

Icon Set for Digital Concert Hall

In 2017 I made a full icon set for Digital Concert Hall—the Berlin Philharmonic’s Classical music app designed by Ox Collective available on a multitude of platforms. Digital Concert Hall gives their subscribers access to Berliner Philharmoniker’s concert archives, interviews, documentaries and live concert streamings. You can read more about the design process on my post on Medium.

Google Developer Scholarship

To become a better UX designer, I wanted to get closer to applications by learning how to code them, while learning a design system such as Material Design. So I got accepted into the Google Udacity Scholarship for Android Basic course. Without any previous coding experience, in 3 months I learned the basics of Android Studio, designed and developed my first simple applications and was among the 10% of students selected for the second phase (which I'm currently attending). The code is available on GitHub.

Microsoft Build conference

Designs for printed and digital materials for Microsoft Build conference in Warsaw, Poland (2016). Project includes interior design elements, lanyards, posters, streeming graphics etc. I had to strictly follow brand and event guidelines.

Covers & Posters

Once a music-obsessed teenager immersed in the Warsaw scene, I worked as a DJ and organized my own events. During the years I developed connections with many venues and musicians, I was frequently asked to design posters, artwork, promotional materials and merch. Since I made them for my friends, these works have a special value to me and each of them has its own story.

Moodboards for Oriflame

Moodboards for possible fashion trends in 2015 and examples of products (jewellery, watches, bags and accesories).

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